9 Tips to Keep Your Stored Rugs and Carpet Looking Their Best

multicolor rug

Rugs and carpets enhance the aesthetics of any room and bring a warm and inviting touch to the place. However, like other home décor items, experimenting with rugs and carpets transforms the ambiance of the room. You might want to replace your oriental rug with a vibrant piece to give a fresh look to the place. That’s an amazing idea, but the question is what you would do with the old carpet or rug. The best solution is to store the old carpet or rug. 

If you want to know the important steps for effective storage, you are in the right place. Here are some tips for storing rugs and carpets safely so you can use them in the future.

1. Clean It

First and foremost, clean the rug or carpet properly before putting it in the storage. It may sound a little weird, but trust us, it saves you from a lot of hassle. If you don’t clean it, the stains, dust, moths on the carpets and rugs may cause deterioration while it is in storage.

2. The Right Way to Clean Different Fabrics

Analyze the fabric to choose the right way to clean the rugs and carpets. The label also includes cleaning tips, so follow those if they are mentioned; otherwise, vacuuming the rugs and carpets is the best option. 

After vacuuming, proceed with the other cleaning steps. If it’s a synthetic material, you can wash it in a machine or clean it with a steam cleaner. Carpets and rugs made of natural fiber like wool, and hemp, etc. should be cleaned with carpet shampoo cleaners and a sponge.

Clean fur and sheepskin rugs without water, just put some talcum powder on the entire surface and leave it for some hours. Then brush off the powder and repeat this cleaning process if necessary.

3. Protect It From Insects and Moths

Imagine that you open the rug after a few months, and it’s all gone bad. The bad part is that you can’t get it back to its original form once it is destroyed. So, it’s no use crying over spilled milk.

While in storage, carpets and rugs are a favorite treat for moths and other insects, so don’t forget to put some pest-repellent powder before putting them into storage. Otherwise, you might get less-than-desired result as mentioned above.

4. Roll It

We know everyone wishes to protect their rug and carpets, even when they’re storing them. So, here is another tip that helps you keep them safe. Folding the rugs or carpets can cause creases and wrinkles on the fabric. If you have visited carpet showrooms, rugs are always kept rolled there. That’s the professional way to keep them safe.

That’s what we learn from this example; always roll the rugs to keep them safe. There is also a rule to roll the rug, which is to start rolling it from the bottom. You might be unsure about how to determine which side is the bottom side. Here is the solution: 

  • Run your hand on the fiber and see which direction is with the grain and which is against the grain. 
  • Start rolling from the side, which is with the grain as that’s the bottom part and continue to the other side. 
  • When you are done, secure the roll with a tight rope to prevent it from opening.

5. Wrap It

Did you think rolling the carpet or rug piece is enough? If that’s your perception, you are wrong. What if it catches dust and dirt while in the storage? Remember, your goal is to protect the rug/carpet in the best way when storing it to be able to use it again someday. So, it’s recommended to wrap it in a brown craft paper, which should be big enough to wrap around the roll two times. After wrapping it, put a tape to keep the paper in place.

To further secure it, wrap the rolled carpet/rug in a polyethylene bag and put tape again.

Don’t ever use a plastic sheet to cover the rug or carpet, since it restricts breathing of the fiber.

6. Position Matters

If you are a clumsy person, you might dump the carpet roll in the storage and leave it that way. The position of storing the carpet or rug really matters, so never keep a rolled carpet or rug in a lying position.

Always keep the roll standing and above from the ground as the floor might get flooded or catch moisture, which damages the carpet/rug. You can use a wooden pallet to keep the carpet or rug at least six inches above from the floor. Otherwise, if you have a table or shelf, put it on that to keep it away from the floor. 

7. Don’t Put Stuff on Top

Never stack anything on top of a stored rug. Heavy boxes, bags, cartons, and other stuff can affect the shape of the rug/carpet.

8. Where to Store It?

It is important to keep the carpet/rug away from direct light as it can fade the colors.

Talking about the storage area, you need to store them in a dark and well-ventilated place. The best option for storing the precious carpets/rugs is a climate-controlled storage area. Garage, attics, attract pests, whereas cupboards lack ventilation, neither of them is a suitable place for storage.

However, if you don’t have any other option, you can store it in the garage or basement and place a dehumidifier to keep pests away. Also, cover the windows to prevent light from entering the space.

9. Check It Regularly

It is best to check your rug/carpet once every 6 months. However, if the carpet/rug is valuable, check it every month to make sure it is in good condition. We suggest you unroll and vacuum the carpet/rug to get rid of any dust particles.

Also, check for any signs of bug infestation. You can also spray insect repellent to keep it safe from insects in the long run. Not to forget, vacuum the storage area as well, so it gets free from dust and insects.

Then, wrap the roll again and put it back in standing position, and you are done.

We hope you implement these tips when you have to store a carpet/rug next time so that it comes out as good as it was before. Make sure you don’t miss any steps because all these are equally important in increasing the lifespan of carpets/rugs. Also, share these tips with family and friends and let them know these easy hacks to store rugs and carpets safely.

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SuperStorage Lakeside | 10046 River Street Lakeside, California 92040 United States

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