Tips To Get You Moving Into Your Storage Space!

Making sure your items are organized yet protected requires a mixture of creativity and detail: stacking boxes to keep fragile items on top; keeping things you may need sooner than later in the front; figuring out how to maximize your unit space with large appliances. Packing and moving is stressful enough without having to think about how best to secure your stuff and plan your storage unit move-in!

7 Quick Tips To Keep In Mind When Packing For Your Move To SuperStorage in Lakeside

1. Boxes are better at living in Storage Units than plastic bags.

Sturdy & stack well, taking up less space, boxes are just better at keeping those photos from curling at the edges. Plus, sealed plastic bags can trap humidity. Damaging mildew is the last thing you want to worry about when returning to your belongings.

2. Baking Soda makes Appliances feel good.

3. Tag ‘em, Mark ‘em, Label ‘em. Boxes Need Names!

A sharpie pen will be your favorite gizmo during your home or business move. Remember to label them with helpful content references on every side of the box. Locating that can’t-do-without fairy cap will be so much faster. Plus when it’s time for your moving crew to work those heavy boxes into your new place, they can help you out by placing them in the appropriate room.

4. Bubble Wrap saves things from cracking up.

Carefully swaddle fragile dinnerware, wine glasses, holiday ornaments, picture frames with bubble wrap individually to ensure protection. Next, pack them tightly into strong reinforced boxes such as plastic bins. Fill the gaps with scrunched paper, left over bubble wrap, air pillows or Styrofoam peanuts. You can even recycle old newspapers and old clothes as filler to add cushion support for your delicate artifacts.

5. Books are meant to be flat

Those precious pages to distant adventures have delicate spines. Once the binding is damaged, the pages unravel swiftly. Older, antique books especially need extra care during packing. Lay your favorite books flat in moving boxes to prevent page bending and wear on book spines.

6. Make it an easy walk down the Aisle

7. Metal & Oil can work together Tips on Storing Appliances in Storage Units

To stop rusting, grease your metal items like toaster ovens by wiping the metal areas with a bit of oil. This will keep them still usable when you’re ready to shift them out of storage.

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Whether or not you have the time (or energy!) to use these unit organizing and packing tips, our team is here to help you find the right storage space. Visit us to tour your options and our professional staff will help you budget and advise on your move-in plans.

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Moving & De-Cluttering Easily

How To Get Clutter Moved Out Of Your Home

Spring cleaning or summer moving, the task of de-cluttering or packing is dreadful (yet worthwhile) when done right. Planning, timing and organizing helps stay focused.

Plan Your Move

Sometimes just starting the process is challenging. Where to begin cleaning? Which closet should I start organizing? Which items can I start packing before my official moving date? These questions can be overwhelming and easily result in procrastination. What should you do? The answer is simple: start small!

Small Spaces Are Easier To Clean

Plan Your Move to StorageTackling a smaller space or a simpler closet as the first goal keeps the stress more manageable. Mentally note that it’s a smaller (or an easier) area and remind yourself that it won’t take as much time. Best part about it is, once you’re done, you are going to feel the positive effects of de-cluttering (Read Why Decluttering Is Good For Your Health) and will want to continue the momentum.

Set Aside Time Just For Packing

Often times, even with the best of intentions, multitasking ends up being less productive. With daily demands of family, home and work, we are already stretched for time. Adding a home move to that juggle can amount to high levels of anxiety. Additionally, studies have shown that multitasking can cause us to get more tired which is counterproductive to your plan of staying focused and motivated to get through that long packing list. Read more about why Neuroscientists Say Multitasking Literally Drains The Energy Reserves Of Your Brain.

Multitasking Drains Productivity

De-clutter For Storage TipsIt’s important to commit some time to packing or cleaning. As with other areas of your life, give yourself a realistic time limit to accomplish the goal. If it’s a small drawer you are trying to empty or organize, maybe schedule an hour of uninterrupted time to go through it instead of taking a few minutes here and there between phone calls or appointments. If it’s an entire closet, chances are you will need half a day to a full day. So, maybe Grandma and Grandpa can spend some quality time with the kids on Saturday!

Organize Your Space

The whole idea of spring cleaning is to freshen up your space by de-cluttering and well…cleaning! Which means: actually clean out your space by removing unnecessary items. Simply shifting items from one place to another without deciding on its need in your home is another form of procrastination. For instance, if you’re packing for a move, think how much time and energy you will save by getting rid of these extra items before you move into your new home. The laborious task of packing and moving items from your old to new place is undoubtedly tiring mentally and physically. By not adding unwanted extras to your boxes will, at the least, save you some time even when it’s time to unpack.

Organizing & Packing Your HomeOrganizing can help make your daily routine run smoother. Knowing exactly where something is, having a safe spot for those cherished items you use occasionally and maximizing your living space (think impromptu dance moves or laughs over dinner with friends) makes living your life so much easier and more fun!

Moving homes or cleaning is not fun (not for most right?). But, managing it by planning, scheduling uninterrupted time and organizing will get you through it. Most importantly, remember that it will get done!

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For more options on how to maximize your space, read about storage units in Lakeside, California.

Fishing Boat Storage

By Patrick Galvan,

Anglers take great pride in maintaining the physical condition of their fishing boats. But preserving a fishing boat’s quality isn’t just a matter of pride—it’s essential for water safety and good resale or trade-in value.

When not using your fishing boat, you’ll probably need somewhere to store it. Keeping it in the water is a bad idea, as it puts your boat at risk for weather-related damage or rusting. You could keep it in your driveway or garage, but both of those options mean taking up valuable space you could use for other vehicles. Not to mention, some neighborhoods don’t allow residents to keep boats, campers, or RVs in their driveways. So what do you have left?

Find a self storage facility that can accommodate your fishing boat storage needs. Many facilities offer boat storage throughout the year to owners of pontoons, speed boats, and, of course, fishing boats. But before you jump right into storage rental, there are a few things you should know about fishing boat storage.

Pre-Storage Concerns

The number of precautions you must take before putting your fishing boat in self storage varies depending on the season. For instance, in colder climates, motorized boats should be winterized in preparation for the oncoming sub-zero temperatures. Every boat model is slightly different, too, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual before changing the oil or flushing the engine.

You should also make sure your boat is covered when not in use. No matter what type of boat storage you end up going with (indoor, outdoor, or covered), a fishing vessel needs protection from the elements, dust, mold, and mildew. It’s highly recommended you cover your boat with something flexible and strong, such as a tarp or a boat cover made for your boat’s model. This also protects the carpeted flooring, seats, controls on the dashboard, motor, and any gear or tackle you keep inside the boat while it’s in storage.

“We recommend our customers use high-quality boat covers when storing,” says Al Gardes, Director of Operations for Elmwood Self Storage in Harahan, La. “A quality boat cover will protect boats from the elements, as well as increase the trade-in or resale value.”

But where can you find a boat cover if you don’t already have one?

“Most manufacturers offer some sort of custom cover for their boat models,” explains Brian Caughron, a regional sales manager for Alumacraft Boats. “There are also custom cover companies that consumers can locate in their area through a quick internet search.”

The Advantages of Indoor Storage

Obviously, boats are capable of withstanding exposure to the outdoor world. But when put to use, they typically only spend a few hours outside before being brought back to shore. When it comes to storage, fishing boats benefit greatly from the protection of indoor storage. Not every storage facility will have indoor boat storage options, mind you, but it’s definitely worth looking in to if the facility you’re interested in offers it.

The main advantage of indoor storage is that your boat is protected from the weather outside. If your boat is left outdoors when it rains, the carpeted flooring could get soaked and develop mold and mildew. Wind also has the potential to be a nuisance by blowing dust, dead leaves, and other debris onto the hull, flooring, and seats, which can be a pain to clean up later.

There’s also an additional level of security that comes with storing your fishing boat indoors. Rather than having it sit outside in a parking lot (which is often behind a gated fence), an indoor space keeps your boat out of sight and makes it harder to get to.

Using Climate Control for Boat Storage

When storing sensitive belongings (like electronics, musical instruments, photos, etc.), many people turn to climate-controlled self storage. With this technology, tenants can manually set and adjust the temperature and humidity levels inside their storage unit, thereby assuring their belongings remain in good condition. Climate control can be valuable for boat storage, too.

Problems usually arise when the vessel is stored in extreme temperatures for long stretches of time. “[I]n some cases, where it gets really hot, [the temperature can cause fading in] the carpet, the top coat (especially on fiberglass models), and the seats, causing them to crack and tear,” explains Caughron.

For these reasons, you may want to get an indoor unit with the climate control feature.

Other Storage Features for Your Boat

There are a couple of storage features you should keep in mind when choosing a facility for boat storage. Apart from the aforementioned climate control and indoor boat storage, the facility should be equipped with modern security amenities, such as gated access. Also, a facility with wide-drive aisles will make it easier for you to hitch up your boat and maneuver through the facility without bumping into anything and damaging your boat.

Your fishing boat probably cost you a good chunk of change when you bought it. Don’t let it rust, grow mold, have chipped paint, or get cracked seat cushions. Move it into a storage facility that offers boat storage!

SuperStorage Operator Buys Lakeside Self Storage in Lakeside, CA

San Diego Source / Inside Self Storage

SuperStorage logo color copyLakeside Self Storage in Lakeside, Calif., recently sold the facility to Lakeside Storage, LLC, a California-based limited-liability company that operates 12 SuperStorage locations in the Central Coast and Southern California. The 266-unit property at 10046 River St. sits on 2.43 acres of land and includes 43,675 square feet of storage space in four buildings. The new owner plans to modernize and upgrade the facility, according to the source.

In addition to residential and commercial self-storage, SuperStorage facilities also act as drop-off locations for electronic waste as well as collection sites for Cell Phones for Soldiers, a non-profit organization that provides communication services to active-duty military members and veterans. The company donates a portion of the proceeds from the e-waste collection effort to Project Surf Camp in Morro Bay, Calif., which offers ocean-experience therapy to adults and kids with special needs.